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4 Ways to See the Universe: 1. ground

Chapter 1 - Ground

Chapter 1 – Ground

“The Ground is the Mother Nature. Our body is build from it. It gives us
food and materials to build shelters from.

Everything that it will create, are going to shape it’s own face to create more
shapes that shapes.

Water, air, sunlight, moonlight, desert, plants,day, night, summer, winter.

We are in, and part of, nature’s loop.

Nature doesn’t ask questions;

It’s dark, or bright
Sunny, or rainy
Freezing or cold
What can you do about it?

The way to feel and see the ground is to lower your mind and thoughts back
to your body.

Think now:

1. think about where your body is right now?

Where are you reading this book?

1. think about what is next to you
2. think about the other living things around you

1. think about the plants and the nature around you
2. think about the season around you

Which of the four seasons is now?

1. think about that nature is some kind of loop.
2. think about that You are living in that nature’s loop:

It’s no matter where your body is, the surrounding nature will always
have an affect to you.

Take your mind out of your body for while, and you will see:
How you are living in the nature’s loop.”

“Ahh this is relaxing” Mark said while gearing his stuff up from the grass.
“Summer is finally here. Can’t know why it feels so good just in summer times.”

“Haha. Yep.” Said Alisa and continued. “Nature is perfect. It has a strong effect to us. I think the warmth gives us somekind of a shelter and we can take it easy for while.”

“Yeah it’s true. I hate winter and darkness” Mark mutted.

“Yes, but you can just face the weather as it is and even been enjoying it. We cant change the weather, so I’m not letting it to change me. I guess I’m stronger than the wheather” she laughed. “I’m just kidding, but you know, I’m just accepting it as it is”.

“But we do need sunlight, it gives energy, don’t you think?” Mark asked.

“Weird, this is kind of funny, but the book that you gave me, the first chapter was basically about the nature. Do you wanna hear more?” Alisa asked.

(to be continued…)


4 Ways to See the Universe: 0. introduction

Written by Jacob Ranta


“There are four ways, you have to see, individually, before being able to see the universe.

These four ways are: Ground, Ego, Clear Mind & 3rd Dimension.

None specific way is more important than other, and, they all should be treated as a one. The centre point and focusing point is to hold the balance between them.

In this book we will teach you all of these 4 ways, the 4 elements, and how to link them together and for being able see the universe.”

Mark was reading the first page of the book he had just founded from “no category”-section. “Sounds crazy enough”, he thought and slipped the book in his satchel while heading out from the local bookshop. He was already late for meeting his dear friend Alisa, but he had to find some gift for her as her birthday. A gift for a girl like Alisa had to be something mystical, so it was easy for Mark: just choose just some old book that is crazy enough and she’ll love it.

“Four ways to see the universe” he mouthed while satling on to his bike.
“What next” he laughed at started to cycle in the last rays of the days sunset.

Even the leafs had already stepped out to the ground and the cold wind had been teasing almost two months, that day was specially warm.

Mark loved to cycle in days like these. And after forgetting Alisa’s birthday he had settled a quick date with her and was now going to meet her. With his green sprayed bicycle he loved the moments when he was being able to drive as fast as he could. And when he was on that mood, even the traffic lights didn’t stop him.

He’s grip to the world was a bit catastrophically in many ways, or at least he saw it in that way. He liked to do things differently and to look different, he even enjoyed the attention he got from the people staring at him. Maybe it was because of his torn out green jacket and his self cutted brown, long from some parts, short from some parts, haircut.

Even from his heart to biking, it was getting dark until Mark arrived to the nearest hilltop where he should meet with Alisa. Sky was clear and the stars were appearing above him.

“There you are!”, Mark shout smiling and waved his hand to the Alisa, who was sitting on the bench near by.
“Hi there!”, Alisa answered with a friendly voice.
“Happy birthday Alisa”, Mark said smiling and took the book from his brow satchel and gave it to Alisa.
“What is this? You shouldn’t..”, she laughed. Alisa’s eyes were gazed to the front cover of the book.
“Four ways to see the universe..”, She read the tittle a loud and then looked up to Mark.
“Did you pay for this?”, she asked curiously.
“Well, you know me.”, Mark said laughing. “It brings more mystic into that book if it’s stolen”
“Mystical indeed..”,
said Alisa and was already reading almost the end of the first page.
“Cmon you can start it later!”,
Mark laughed.
Alisa laughed, closed the book and put it in to her green backpack.
“Thank you!”,
Alisa said and hugged Mark. “This is the best gift as usually. I can’t understand how do you always find such a interesting books!”.

Stars were now appeared completely, and the sky was getting darker. Even the city lights didn’t seem to affect on it. Alisa and Mark were sitting on a bench, sharing the view of a dark sea ahead. As the waves hit the rocks somewhere down below the edge, they saw a lady nearby, dresses in all red jogging-suit. Alisa thought it was kind cute and poked Mark to see it in that way. Mark smiled and lighted up the cigarette. He were staring to the stars.

“Have you ever thought that we could be from another planet?”
Alisa asked while leaning also up to the stars.
“Yep, or we are just part of some space or something” Mark answered.
“What do you mean?”, Alisa asked curiously
“That are we just some energies from space that has summed up to here..”, said Mark with a bit seriously face but smiled after that.
“But don’t we come from the earth?”, said Alisa and continued:
“or at least our body is from the earth.. Maybe our mind is from space or..”
She was interrupt by the jogging lady who was now reaching them.

The hilltop was really popular amongst joggers and runners. It was also one of the Alisa’s favorite calming places. Specially on the summer time, even the view from the hilltop was so beautiful, that it helped people to relax.

“I think we should go”,
Alisa said after the jogging lady had gone past them.
“I have an early morning and I want to catch this book before it.”
“Sure! Let’s go! Cant wait hear how was it.” said Mark.
“Should we walk together?” she asked.

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