A short novels

by Jacob Ranta

4 Ways to See the Universe: 1. ground

Chapter 1 - Ground

Chapter 1 – Ground

“The Ground is the Mother Nature. Our body is build from it. It gives us
food and materials to build shelters from.

Everything that it will create, are going to shape it’s own face to create more
shapes that shapes.

Water, air, sunlight, moonlight, desert, plants,day, night, summer, winter.

We are in, and part of, nature’s loop.

Nature doesn’t ask questions;

It’s dark, or bright
Sunny, or rainy
Freezing or cold
What can you do about it?

The way to feel and see the ground is to lower your mind and thoughts back
to your body.

Think now:

1. think about where your body is right now?

Where are you reading this book?

1. think about what is next to you
2. think about the other living things around you

1. think about the plants and the nature around you
2. think about the season around you

Which of the four seasons is now?

1. think about that nature is some kind of loop.
2. think about that You are living in that nature’s loop:

It’s no matter where your body is, the surrounding nature will always
have an affect to you.

Take your mind out of your body for while, and you will see:
How you are living in the nature’s loop.”

“Ahh this is relaxing” Mark said while gearing his stuff up from the grass.
“Summer is finally here. Can’t know why it feels so good just in summer times.”

“Haha. Yep.” Said Alisa and continued. “Nature is perfect. It has a strong effect to us. I think the warmth gives us somekind of a shelter and we can take it easy for while.”

“Yeah it’s true. I hate winter and darkness” Mark mutted.

“Yes, but you can just face the weather as it is and even been enjoying it. We cant change the weather, so I’m not letting it to change me. I guess I’m stronger than the wheather” she laughed. “I’m just kidding, but you know, I’m just accepting it as it is”.

“But we do need sunlight, it gives energy, don’t you think?” Mark asked.

“Weird, this is kind of funny, but the book that you gave me, the first chapter was basically about the nature. Do you wanna hear more?” Alisa asked.

(to be continued…)


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